Mother Natures Bush Tucker are specialists in the design, establishment and use of indigenous edible landscapes

Mother Natures Bush Tucker

Consultancy and Design Services*

Jan Sinclair holds a B.A. Fine Arts, Permaculture Certificate, Edible Landscape Consultant and TAFE - Bush Regeneration Certificate II with Distinction.

Mother Natures Bush Tucker has been featured in Australian Geographic's Gardeners Journal 1999, the Australian Regional Food Guide by Sally Hammond, and on television in: "Tasting Australia" - UK, "Prime Possum" - QLD/NSW, "Great South East" - QLD, and Chl 9 Gold Coast.

Davidsonia pruriens in Fruit 17k
Davidson's Plum in Fruit

Consultancy Rates are:

  • Onsite - AUD$65.00 per hour incl. GST (average consultation 2 to 3 hours) plus travel.
  • Telephone Consultations - AUD$20 per 1/4 hour (15 minutes) incl. GST plus phone charges.
  • Media consultancy by arrangement.

Our Ecoscape services include;

  • Bush regeneration, re-afforestation and environmental repair advice
  • Bushfood plant and subtropical rainforest species supplies
  • Design for bush and residential properties
  • Design for commercial operations and eco villages
  • Design and layout of edible indigenous landscapes
  • Educational Seminars, Workshops and Group Tours for school and special interest groups. I.E. farmers technical tours, gardening clubs, bushwalkers, birdwatchers, native plant groups etc.
  • Environmental impact studies, vegetation surveys
  • Identification and culinary advise about native species
  • Permaculture design
  • We network professionally to provide you with practical advice and affordable solutions to your land management problems
  • Contact us about your area of interest, and let us help you achieve something very special on your property.

Bush Food Survival Kits

Bushfood and rainforest kits are available for different needs:

  • backyard gardens
  • regeneration sites
  • bush food systems
  • environmental study areas
  • school/college landscaping
  • local government

Rainforest regeneration kits include Water gum, Blue fig, Creek lilly pilly, Bangalow palm, Acmena smithii and more!

Creating your own edible landscape is so easy.

Our comprehensive range of subtropical Native Food bearing plants includes fruits, aromatic leaves, vegetables, berries, herbs and native nuts.

Plants include Lilly Pillies, Limes, Plums, Tamarinds, Gingers, Pines, Greens, Palms, Herbs and much more.

A cornucopia of native bush foods and seedlings
Seedlings, fruits, nuts and processed bush tucker!

Select a kit of 20 local subtropical bush food plants from the wide variety available. Each kit comes with an information booklet which provides details on each plant and its uses.

Wholesale Nursery Stock is also available for individuals (by appointment only).

Contact us today and let us help you experience and achieve something very special!